Ep.3 Why the questions you're probably asking right now aren't working

“Look for people who have lots of great questions. Smart people are the ones who ask the most thoughtful questions, as opposed to thinking they have all the answers. Great questions are a much better indicator of future success than great answers.” 
― Ray Dalio, Principles: Life and Work

Welcome back to the second episode of the Why 2 Podcast miniseries all focused around how we can ask better questions to live better lives.

This episode is really focused on taking stock of the questions we’re probably asking right now and getting you to start taking stock of some of the questions you’re probably asking that aren’t serving you.

I talk about:

  1. What pizza and asking good questions have in common.

  2. What makes a bad question.

  3. Give you a quick list of some of the most common questions we ask, that aren’t serving us.

Dustin Elliott