Ep 13. Defeating your ego to help ask better questions

“ego is the enemy of what you want and of what you have: Of mastering a craft. Of real creative insight. Of working well with others. Of building loyalty and support. Of longevity. Of repeating and retaining your success. It repulses advantages and opportunities. It’s a magnet for enemies and errors. It is Scylla and Charybdis.” 
― Ryan Holiday, The Ego Is the Enemy

It’s funny sometimes how our brain can work against us and undermine our own best interest. This episode takes a different path than you’ve heard before on the podcast explores one of the most peculiar of this(at least in my opinion).

What is it you might ask, it’s exploring Self-Serving Bias (a.k.a Your ego). Specially, we talk about how your ego is stopping you from become the best version of yourself and how how it’s stopping you from asking the right questions. How your ego is cutting off the conversation flow and deflecting critical feedback, information, and learnings to help you ask the best questions you can.

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