1. Corey Wastle - Boundless optimism, personal development, leadership and so much more!!

Corey Wastle is the Co-Founder of Verse Wealth, a firm that's doing financial advice differently and breaking down industry traditions. 

Corey has been prominently featured on the front page of Financial Planning Association Magazine,  a finalist for the Association of Financial Advisors Rising Star Award 2015, finalist in the Independent Financial Advisor Newcomer of the Year Award 2016, and a regular speaker and workshop advisor.

I hold Corey in high regards as both a friend and mentor who has made one of the biggest impacts on my professional and personal life and a big catalyst for me starting this podcast. Whether it’s his boundless optimism, or his pursuit to create a bold, culture first organisation, he is a gold mine of insights and knowledge! 

This conversation is very wide ranging, from the nuts and bolts of starting a business to personal development, optimism, leadership and so much more! There is something in this conversation for everyone, no matter what you are looking to improve upon.

Dustin Elliott