3. Ryan Spaccavento - Goals, pain, and a marriage of passions

Ryan Spaccavento is an Entrepreneur & founder of Coffee on Cue, Melbourne’s fastest growing event coffee company. Whether he is starting up a pizza shop with no hospitality ownership experience (and turning it into a local Sydney hotspot) or dabbling in a variety of leading edge tech start-ups, Ryan has never been one to shy away from a challenge and take life head on.

His story appears to follow a non linear process, but as we dive into it, it’s a truly inspirational journey weaving through a process of self discovery to define and chase his passions which ultimately led him to marry his two passions together in his latest venture, Coffee on Cue.

We talk about goal setting, the mentality of getting started, and how to bring your passions and interests together to create something uniquely you. If you’ve ever sat there and weren’t sure about how to combine your passions, this will be a great discussion for you! Not to mention, he does one of the best Italian impersonations ever!

Dustin Elliott