4. Andrew Van De Beek - Accountant Rebel with a Cause

Andrew Van De Beek. is one of the Founders of a new social enterprise Big Little Brush and the Director of illumin8, a holistic business accountant and business advisory firm he started with a partner at the young age of 26. To say that Andrew is one of the most unconventional accountants I think I have ever met might be an understatement - and I’m excited for you to see why. His professional career started at one of the big 4 accounting firms, from there at another firm he worked his way to potential partnership opportunities, and eventually leading him to start his own firm as he searched for something aligned to his values.  

One thing I love about Andrew’s story is it seems to smack the “conventional wisdom” I hear all the time of someone needing some unknown (but substantial) amount of experience before you can start a particular business/career/project. And then when they do start they so often become another “me too” looking and sounding like everyone else out there and watering down what makes them unique and authentic.

As we navigate through Andrew’s journey you’ll get a raw and unapologetic discussion on playing to your strengths, being true to yourself, and dreaming bigger than perhaps you ever thought!

If you’ve ever sat there, like I’ve done, and didn’t feel that you were ready to take that next big step with your career or business, you need to listen to this! I love how he takes us through his thought process of getting started in his business and the approach he uses, that is elegantly simple yet guaranteed, to help you get started before you ever probably thought you could.

Dustin Elliott