5. Brenton McKiterick - Lessons from the mat

Brenton McKiterick comes to us today on the podcast as a different type of guest; he doesn’t come to us to talk about his corporate or entrepreneurial experience, but rather, as a black belt in the martial art of Brazilian JiuJitsu, having competed across the world and grappling with some big names in the fight sport industry. He has competed in and won some big events, which include multiple Australian State & National Championships, the Arnold Classic, Grappling Tournaments Australia, medalling at the Asian Open, Silver at the NAGA World Championships in Philadelphia and is an Abu Dhabi World Pro Competitor, IBJJF & Masters World Competitor; to name but a few.

I am a big proponent of thematic learning; that is, taking lessons and learnings from seemingly unrelated concepts and implementing them into your life – that is what this interview is all about. I think that sport is a beautiful analogy and distillation of the same sets of skills and attributes that a range of many of this shows’ guests have cultivated, and Brenton has achieved this through the pursuit of his passion of sport.

In this episode, Brenton provides his take on cultivating self-awareness, he shares his own personal insights into the psychological challenges he personally faced on his quest to earning a black belt, and the physical and intellectual properties of the sport and the subsequent learnings that are applicable to everyday life.

It takes a few minutes for us to get warmed up but once we set the stage for Brenton’s history, we dive really deep into his story and all the wisdom he’s developed through the years as a professional athlete.

Dustin Elliott