6. Andrew Mackinnon - Putting it all on the line

Andrew MacKinnon is Managing Director of Taboo Group, a Melbourne-based creative agency which provides cutting-edge creative solutions for some of Australia’s most exciting companies including Nike, Schweppes, 1 Giant Mind, National Australia Bank, Sensis, General Electric, and many more. He always dabbles in real estate, co-owns an iconic bar, as well as a range of entrepreneurial ventures that you’ll hear about during today’s chat.  

This is a conversation I’ve been looking forward to since meeting Andrew at a Melbourne Fuckup Night. Hearing his story can be only be described as one part inspiration, and one part awe inspiring as he recounts his journey through a series of dramatic events that solidified Andrew’s resiliency and mindset leading him to his success today.

The themes of growing from chaos, and not being afraid to put it all on the line, are some of the most important attributes I believe that everyone needs to cultivate in their life to achieve their dreams. His insights are brilliant no matter at what stage in life and your career you are at and he’s a great example of a successful entrepreneur.

Dustin Elliott