11. Vanessa Wiltshire - Achieving success on your own terms

Photo Credit: Vanessa photo credit: Malcolm Fairclough, Fairfax Media. 2014

Photo Credit: Vanessa photo credit: Malcolm Fairclough, Fairfax Media. 2014

Vanessa Wiltshire currently works as the Business Development and Engagement Coordinator for the Mitchell Shire Council, 80kms from Melbourne.

After spending 7 years in Corporate Human Resources, Vanessa struggled to find her place. What started in a fit of exasperation (and a strategic attempt to fill a resume ‘gap), Vanessa developed The HR Talent Community.

The HRTC was a network of, and think tank, of over 2000 HR, talent and learning professionals across the world. In 2014 Vanessa was profiled in the Australian Financial Review and BRW by Fiona Smith.

But it wasn't fulfilling. And although multiple opportunities presented themselves to commercialise, something always held Vanessa back.

As we dig deeper in her journey, we explore Vanessa’s own personal growth and a raw account of her story that led her to make some dramatic life changes. What I love about her journey, and what I am sure that many people listening to now can resonate with, is how she grappled with being true to her values while dealing with the realities of life and battling the negative health effects that can accompany those experiences.

Her story isn’t one about big money or typical corporate/startup ladder success. It's about finding the elusive happiness in life we are all seeking.

Part of the reason I wanted to feature Vanessa on the Why 2 Podcast is to explore the idea that success isn’t necessarily about achieving ‘career or entrepreneurial success’.

It’s about doing and being the person you want to be on your own terms, and this episode gets right at the heart of that!

Dustin Elliott