12. Michael Back - That feeling when something’s about to change

Michael Back is a self proclaimed Customer Experience Enthusiast, Social Media dude, and public speaker. He has been named as one of the top 50 most influential social media users in finance in 2014 and 2015 by the Financial Standard and now works with various small businesses across Australia to build and hone their own amazing client experiences and bring into focus the intersection between what they do and how their world perceives this.

But with that being said, I think an even more important distinction which sums Michael up is that he actually received an award for “always being interested” in primary school. That innate curiosity has grown and flourished into a man that has an incredible thirst for knowledge when it comes to life and people, leading him to have an profoundly insightful outlook on life which can benefit us all.  

In this chat, we unravel Michael’s very human story, that of which anyone of us could have lived as he makes sense of himself and the world. We hear about someone who was unhappy with where he was in life and took some decisive steps to do something about it. We talk about the value of playing, trusting yourself and being in the driver’s seat in life, getting comfortable with the fact that our journey isn’t always just a straight line, like we sometimes think it should be.

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