13. Dara Simkin - Permission to play

Dara Simkin, Director and Play Consultant of Project Play and is an author and mindset coach who runs Project Play which fosters creativity, encourages innovative thinking and improves employee engagement by cultivating a new culture of business with strategic play. She utilises research in the field of play from neuroscience and psychology, to animal play behaviour and evolutionary biology, Project Play has crafted experiential play programs for businesses and professionals.

Dara tells us her story of starting out in PR and marketing in Florida to winning an all-expenses paid trip to Tasmania and moving to Australia, eventually taking a dramatic turn in what she does today. She also comes to us with a tremendous amount of insight and knowledge into areas that are fundamental to our growth.

This is a wide ranging chat where we go deep into themes of mindfulness and our relationship with ourselves. We explore what we can do to ensure that we are balanced, productive, fulfilled humans living in this complex and busy world.





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