14. Ash Marton - Listening to your intuition

My guest today is Ash Marton, Director and Co founder of Ash Marton Realty. At the young age of 21 with only a few years of experience, and after a serendipitous moment at a Tony Robbins Conference, Ash and his business partner Lilly resigned from their job and opened the doors to their own real estate agency. 

From there, Ash and his business have risen to meteoric levels with appearances on selling houses Australia and Skye News, as well as being selected as a finalist at the industry REB awards for innovator of the year and residential agency of the year. However, my favourite of Ash’s accomplishments is that of having been invited to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s house in California.

From a make or break moment early in his real estate career to growing an office with a team of over 17 and grand plans for the future, Ash is an incredible example of a man who has taken life head on and achieved so much in such a short amount of time. 

This chat is a must for anyone listening who doesn’t feel that they have “what it takes” to get started in whatever they want to do in life. We talk tactics about using your lack of experience to your advantage, the importance of goal setting, compromise, and listening to your intuition. 





Dustin Elliott