16. Adam Jelic - How to become a Goal Digger

Adam Jelic is currently Founder and Managing Director at Mi Goals. Their mission to help you unlock the potential within yourself to dream, plan and take action on the life you want. More than a stationery brand, they’re a global community of dream chasers and action takers.

I had actually originally found Adam and Mi Goals from a Kickstarter campaign where I was blown away to see that they raised 4 times their goal and had amazing outpouring of support and interest in their latest product, Goal Digger.

To be honest from the outset, this isn’t a triumphant, ‘overnight success story’ where by doing these 2 simple things you can create a million dollar business for yourself tomorrow. It’s the story of Adam’s life, as he recounts how he faced the challenges that we all face when we chase our dreams. That challenge of self doubt, people pushing you towards the safe path, the responsibilities that life can thrust on you unexpectedly, and ultimately how to live towards your values and goals. But in that, Adam has done something that very few people have accomplished and something I have utmost admiration for. He has faced those same challenges we face and actually pushed past all of that to create the incredible business and brand he leads now. Like I said, this isn’t an overnight success story, but a real and honest recount of exactly how he connected the dots to live a meaningful life he does now.

Telling his story is the reason I started the podcast, that I truly believe that everyone of you listening has the potential to chase your dreams and make it big. That we all face the same challenges in life but  we are all able to break through them and become the best version of ourselves. Doesn’t have to be starting a business, but it’s all about living with purpose, chasing your dreams, and ultimately becoming a goal digger.

Dustin Elliott