17. Adam Murray - Better questions to a better life

Adam Murray is currently a Product Manager at Cogent, but probably best known for being the man behind the mic of the Subtle Disruptors Podcast. After having completed over 70 episodes, Subtle Disruptors is a weekly podcast of down-to-earth and inspiring conversations with those who are having an amazing local and global impact through their work, in an under the radar way. Each conversation is recorded in a location that is significant to the story of the guest, from coworking spaces to cafes, train stations to bars. Adam has had incredible success with the podcast and risen to the coveted front page of iTunes, where you should head after you listen to his interview here and check out his podcast(links below to iTunes).

I’ve been a fan of Subtle Disruptors after hearing previous guest of the Why 2 Podcast, Corey Wastle, featured on Subtle Disruptors back in April, just before the Why 2 Podcast officially launched. From there I’ve found myself in an ever deepening sense of awe of Adam’s ability to ask the right question at the right time to bring out the most brilliant insights of his guests. I’m a big believer in the Tony Robbins quote that the quality of your life can be measured by the quality of your questions. From that, I’ve focused a lot of asking better questions of myself, the people around me, and of course, my guests on the podcast. I wanted to feature Adam on the podcast as I believe that by asking better questions, we can lead better lives, as it all starts with the right questions. Of course, as I’ve found, and I am sure you’re thinking, this is easier said than done.

But this isn’t just about the art of asking questions, it’s an exploration of Adam’s journey as he’s navigated the challenges of finding his calling in life and finding a place that was aligned for him. Specifically you’ll hear how he navigated a challenge that we all face of some point, in that how do you take a step back from the money and prestige that a role might offer you to make a step forward towards what you really want to do.





Dustin Elliott