9. Gemma Lloyd - From adversity to diversityv

Gemma Lloyd is Director of Client Engagement and Co-Founder of DCC Jobs, Australia’s only job site which pre-screens employers based on their policies and initiatives around supporting women in the workplace. At the time of recording, they had recently won the Victorian Minister of Innovation Diversity Award 2017, #TechDiversity Award Winner - Media Category 2017, and an absolutely mind blowing list of other awards and accolades.

Gemma is an amazing example of an female entrepreneur, who after some negative experiences and facing workplace discrimination, wanted to change the way the females were treated in the workforce. She takes us through all the experiences that led up to her starting DCC while giving us an insight in the personal journey she went on in starting this now award winning business.

Gemma's story is an inspiring one as I am sure many people listening to this have faced some workplace hardship, worked under horrible bosses, or even worked at a job that didn’t satisfy their passions. We talk about determination, dealing with stress, ways to passively learn, and what it takes to succeed in starting a tech business with no real tech experience.  




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