19. Antonluigi Gozzi - Taking on a billion dollar industry

Antonluigi Gozzi (Gigi) is currently Founder and Managing Director of LiveHire. LiveHire is an ASX traded company who are the technology firm behind the Live Talent Ecosystem. This is where people privately connect with Live Talent Communities of the best employer brands. More importantly, though, LiveHire's purpose is to empower the flow of the world's talent, to create a more agile, open and awesome working world. And what an awesome world they have created, after starting Livehire in 2012 with co-founder Michael Haywood, Livehire has grown to extraordinary levels. Just to give you a sense of what that means, at the time of recording they have achieved a 170million dollar market cap and now work with some of Australia's largest companies like Bupa, Telstra Health, KPMG, Roy Hill, and so many more!!

His story is really all about how from having nothing and not even able to speak English, he leveraged his learned skill set and opportunities to tackle one of the biggest problems you and I will probably have at some point in your life, getting a job! He and his, team have boldly taken the 11.2 billion dollar industry of recruitment in Australia head on and have their eyes set to disrupt the broad 400 billion dollar global staffing industry. 

This is a unique look into the story and mind of a successful tech entrepreneur. Someone who started actually further back than most of us will, in that he didn’t even speak the same language, but has now gone on to create an incredible business in only a relatively few short years.

While it might seem like a mystic feat to achieve the levels he has today, his story sheds the thoughts, decisions, and mindset behind what has made LiveHire so successful today.

Dustin Elliott