20. Fiona Triaca - The nuts and bolts of starting a business

So when I sat down with Fiona my question was simply this, how does someone go from TV to Investment Banking, and finally land on Design Thinking Consulting and training?

On the surface of it, Fiona Triaca's career makes no sense. Currently, she is the Founder and CEO of Naked Ambition where they teach the habits of innovation to corporate mavericks so that they can solve complex challenges, seize opportunities and lead their company into new territory. But if we scroll back in her CV, you’ll see that she had actually received a Masters Of Arts in Creative Media and Screenwriting. But then a quick look at her working life, you’ll see that while she did have a short stint in film, she quickly switched to the world of Investment Banking where she spent over 8 years before starting Naked Ambition.

What I found was a very interesting insight as to the fundamental skills, insights, and mentality that she used to climb her way up in the Investment Banking world where she quickly identified an opportunity that led her to start her business. This is an especially important chat if you’ve ever noticed a problem with your industry or the nature of your work and had a brilliant stroke of insight as to how you might be able to change it.




Dustin Elliott