21. Aaron Price - Building a global software business from rural Australia

Just about every time I speak with Aaron,  I always came back to this one question that has been almost haunting me since I first met him; how does a guy, who got a degree in and still occasionally moonlights as a radiologist, run a successful global software company from rural Australia?

Aaron Price is one of the Co-Founders behind Wyzed and Cloudschool. Wyzed, his latest business requires little introduction as, of course, they’ve been the sponsor for the Why 2 Podcast for many episodes now. In addition to that, I’ve also been working with the team at Wyzed for the last few months and getting to know Aaron personally through that time. 

Aaron has never done any formal training in business or even worked in another software company, never taken any outside investment, but he and the team have has still managed to grow this business from nothing to doubling quarter all while living in rural Australia.

I’ve personally watched him close large enterprise deals, write amazing marketing copy, forge some unlikely partnerships, become an incredible leader, and work with the rest of the team around the continuous development of the software product and company itself.

At the end of the day, Aaron has really shown me that no hurdle is too big to work towards your dreams.

Dustin Elliott