23. Natalie Firth - How to successfully start a business at the worst possible time

Today’s guest is Natalie Firth, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Think Talent,  Melbourne's fastest-growing, female-led recruitment agency. They specialise in executive recruitment across marketing, technology & innovation, people & culture and executive support. Think Talent was also recently awarded the Small Recruitment Agency of the year during the latest SEEK Annual Recruitment Award - one of the highest honours in the hyper-competitive industry of recruitment here in Australia.

But, what makes Natalie’s story so interesting though is the circumstances that her and her Co-Founder, Ainsley started the business in. Now, while I’m sure most people agree that starting a business can be very challenging at the best of time, but Think Talent was launched right while Natalie was pregnant with her second child and adding to her very young family.

If you’ve ever come up with an excuse as to why you can't start your business, this is a great chat that will surely make you rethink the perceived obstacles in your way!

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