25. Jason Hamborg - Committing career suicide

This episode is very different from any previous episodes heard here on the Why 2 Podcast, and one that I've wanted to have for over the last 5 years. 

I’ve actually known Jason Hamborg (Co-Founder and Production Manager of 6ix Sigma) for a long time now, as we both went to University of Northern British Columbia to get our Human Resources degrees. But when we graduated, Jason did something very unexpected.

You see though, while I entered the HR world with all the momentum behind me, I watched Jason first hand take a radical pivot in his career to start 6ix Sigma. At the time, I thought he was conducting career suicide by taking such a dramatic step away from HR and not capitalising on all the momentum we had both worked so hard to built and instead launch a business into a fledgling industry. 

But what Jason did next, was absolutely incredible and inspiring! 

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Dustin Elliott